Book Talk (2021 Special Lecture Series #7)
Transnational Hallyu: The Globalization of Korean Digital and Popular Culture
Author: Dal Yong Jin (Simon Fraser University)
Moderator & Discussants: Wonjung Min (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile)
Jiyuhn Ahn (University of Washington, Tacoma), Benjamin Han(Tulane University)
Time: August 10 (Tue.) 10AM     Venue: via ZOOM   [Online Registration Link]


Kyujanggak Colloquium

  • The Kyujanggak Institute for Korean Studies takes pride in its leading role in the pursuit of researches in Korean studies in global context, as well as in the promotion of a global communication among scholars in the field of Korean studies. The Kyujanggak fellowship programs are a long-term project to encourage a better understanding and mutual growth among overseas and local scholars in Korean studies.
    The Kyujanggak Institute warmly invites all those interested to its colloquium series, where the Kyujanggak fellows present their research projects, or visiting overseas Koreanists present their perspectives to a wider academic audience.
    Your interest and feedback will create a rich nurturing environment for researches in the Korean studies.

Schedule for year 2021

Date & Time Presenter & Title of Presentation Moderator/Discussant
1 April 9 (Friday)
10 AM
Russell Burge (Council on East Asian Studies, Yale Univ.)
"Developmental Society and the Making of Modern Seoul"
Moderator: John DiMoia (SNU)
Discussants: John DiMoia (SNU), Se Hoon Park (KRIHS)
2 April 30 (Friday)
10 AM
Sungoh Yoon (Ph.D. New York University)
"Cherishing Shame for Power: The yangban Literati Identity and Chinese History in late Chosŏn Korea"
Moderator: Hyun Soon Park (SNU Kyujanggak)
Discussants: Tae Koo Huh (Catholic University of Korea), Kyung Sup Woo (Inha University)
3 May 11 (Tuesday)
10 AM
Xing'ai Gao (Yanbian University)
"Systematizing the National Heritage and Writing the History of Chinese Thought : A Comparison of Hu Shi and Yi Sang-ŭn"
Moderator: Namjin Huh (SNU)
Discussants: Sookin Lee (SNU Kyujanggak), Hyekyung Lee (SNU Institute of Humanities)
4 June 4 (Friday)
10 AM
Vladimir Tikhonov (Oslo University)
"The Dream of the Solidarity of the Downtrodden : Yi Yŏsŏng and his Colonial-era writings on Foreign Anti-imperialism"
Moderator: Sang Hwan Seong (SNU)
Discussants: Jin Kyung Lee (UC San Diego), Yongkyun Shin (Formerly, Korea Univ. Center for Korean History)
5 August 25 (Wednesday)
10 AM
Ming Gao (Ph.D. National University of Singapore)
Moderator: TBA
Discussants: TBA