Kyujanggak Colloquium

  • The Kyujanggak Institute for Korean Studies takes pride in its leading role in the pursuit of researches in Korean studies in global context, as well as in the promotion of a global communication among scholars in the field of Korean studies. The Kyujanggak fellowship programs are a long-term project to encourage a better understanding and mutual growth among overseas and local scholars in Korean studies.
    The Kyujanggak Institute warmly invites all those interested to its colloquium series, where the Kyujanggak fellows present their research projects, or visiting overseas Koreanists present their perspectives to a wider academic audience.
    Your interest and feedback will create a rich nurturing environment for researches in the Korean studies.

Schedule for year 2020

Date & Time Presenter & Title of Presentation Moderator/Discussant
1 August 10 (Monday)
10 AM
Sung Yun Lim (University of Colorado, Boulder)
"Burial Mountains for Sale: Disputes over Lineage Property in Colonial Korea"
Moderator: Sang Hwan Seong (SNU)
Discussants: Kyungchan Son (Chungbuk Nat'l Univ.), Ilyoung Jeong (Sogang Univ.)
2 October 16 (Friday)
10 AM
Seong Uk Kim (Columbia University)
"Gwan-eum Divination: An Intersection between Buddhism and Confucianism during the Late Chosŏn dynasty"
Moderator: Sang Hwan Seong (SNU)
Discussants: Jong-cheon Park (Korea Univ.), Sung-soon Kim (Korea Nat'l Univ. of Cultural Heritage)
3 December 1 (Tueday)
Eunsung Cho (Columbia University)
"The Thread of Juche: Vinalon and Materially-Embodied Interdependencies in North Korea, 1930-2018"
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Wonjung Min (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile)
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5 to be decided
Ming Gao (Kokugakuin University)
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