Special Lecture

Kyujanggak Book Talk 2022 Series

  • The Kyujanggak Institute for Korean Studies is hosting a series of special lectures by inviting overseas authors in the field of Korean studies. In its efforts to globalize Korean Studies, Kyujanggak launched in 2013 a program of guest lectures in which Korean studies scholars present their most recent books published outside Korea to a Korean audience. Among Kyujanggak’s core missions are to make its books and archives available to a wider audience and to facilitate international scholars’ contact with Korean studies in South Korea. Conversely, Kyujanggak also tries to introduce the important contributions of international scholars to a domestic audience. To this end, it has already held an exhibition on the history of Korean studies abroad, and now has added this lecture program, in which an international scholar discusses his/her important monograph, published in the past five years. After the lecture in which the book is introduced, one or two discussants further clarify its contributions by situating it in wider research contexts, especially in reference to the researches carried out within Korea.
    This year all lectures are held online via ZOOM meeting.

Program 2022

Presenter Affiliation Book Title Date Moderator&Discussants
Ksenia Chizhova Princeton University Kinship Novels of Early Modern Korea: Between Genealogical Time and the Domestic Everyday April 29 (Fri.)
Olga Fedorenko (SNU),
Charles La Shure (SNU), Shalon Park (Princeton Theological Seminary)
Christina Klein Boston College Cold War Cosmopolitanism: Period Style in 1950s Korean Cinema May 20 (Fri.)
Sem Vermeersch (SNU),
Han Sang Kim(Ajou Univ.), Jinsoo An (UC Berkeley)
Sharon J. Yoon University of Notre Dame The Cost of Belonging: An Ethnography on Solidarity and Mobility in Beijing's Koreatown June 10 (Fri.)
Hyungryeol Kim (SNU),
Sandra Fahy(Carleton Univ.), Stephen Suh (UCCS)
Sujung Kim DePauw University Shinra Myōjin and Buddhist Networks of the East Asian “Mediterranean” June 24 (Fri.)
Vicki Sung-yeon Kwon (Univ. of Alberta),
Nam-lin Hur (UBC), Max Moerman (Barnard College)
Heonik Kwon University of Cambridge After the Korean War: An Intimate History September 6 (Tue.)
John P. DiMoia (SNU),
Henry Em (Yonsei Univ.), Namhee Lee (UCLA)
Jooyeon Rhee Pennsylvania State University The Novel in Transition: Gender and Literature in Early Colonial Korea September 23 (Fri.)
Giovanni Volpe (Kyujanggak),
Jin-Kyung Lee (UCSD), Karen Thornber (Harvard Univ.)
Sangjoon Lee Lingnan University Rediscovering Korean Cinema September 30 (Fri.)
Seok-kyeong Hong (SNU),
Hye Seung Chung (Colorado State Univ.), Irhe Sohn (Smith College)
Maya Stiller The University of Kansas Carving Status at Kŭmgangsan: Elite Graffiti in Premodern Korea October 28 (Fri.)
Giovanni Volpe (Kyujanggak),
Jeongsoo Shin (The Academy of Korean Studies)
Dal Yong Jin Simon Fraser University Transnational Korean Cinema: Cultural Politics, Film Genres, and Digital Technologies November 11 (Fri.)
Seok-kyeong Hong (SNU),
Jihoon Kim (Chung-Ang Univ.), Chung-kang Kim (Hanyang Univ.)
Kyunghee Pyun,
Jung-Ah Woo
Interpreting Modernism in Korean Art: Fluidity and Fragmentation November 18 (Fri.)
Younjung Oh (SNU),
Jungsil Jenny Lee (CSULB)
Jackie J. Kim-Wachutka Ritsumeikan University Zainichi Korean Women in Japan: Voices December 8 (Thu.)
You Jae Lee (Univ. of Tuebingen/Kyujanggak),
Vera Mackie (UOW), Soo Hugh (Showrunner of Pachinko)
Hye Seung Chung,
David Scott Diffrient
Colorado State University Movie Minorities: Transnational Rights Advocacy and South Korean Cinema December 16 (Fri.)
Siavash Saffari (SNU),
Steve Choe (SFSU)