Boundless Winds of Empire: Rhetoric and Ritual in Early Chosŏn Diplomacy with Ming China
Author: Sixiang Wang (University of California, Los Angeles)| Moderator: Ilsoo Cho (Kyujanggak)
Date: October 6 (Fri) 11:00-13:00
Register: [Online]

Special Workshop

The way of thinking: Emerging Korean culture in visual communication design

  • Time & Venue
    • Date: June 5, 2023(Mon) 04:00pm~06:00pm
    • Venue: Kyujanggak Conference Rm. (4F) & Online Zoom (ID: 930 1445 7045/PW: 443458)
  • Speakers
    • Lecturer: Jun Bum Shin, Associate Professor, Oregon State University
    • Moderator: Inho Cho, Chair of the Department of Oriental Painting, SNU
    • Discussants: Suzung Kim (SNU Dept. of Design)