Junior Fellow

  • Eligibility
    • Any Ph.D. degree candidate at non-Korean university with a research focus on Korean Studies (preferably using the Kyujanggak Archive materials)
    • ※ A minimum of six-month residence at Kyujanggak Institute for Korean Studies (KIKS) is required.
    • ※ Former Kyujanggak Junior Fellows are not eligible to apply.
    • ※ Citizens or permanent residents of non-Korean countries are given preference in selection.
  • Benefits
    • Research grant up to KRW 9 million (1.5 million paid monthly for maximum 6 months until February, 2024)
    • ※ Grants, stipends or other forms of payment from other institutions during the fellowship are not permitted.
    • Access to libraries
    • Research space
    • Administrative support (Insurance is the applicant’s responsibility)
  • Period of Appointment
    • The term of appointment will be between 6 months and 1 year, and may begin from March 1, 2023 at the earliest.
    • ※ Upon being selected, junior fellows must confirm their fellowship period to the International Center for Korean Studies (ICKS) and set their dates of entry to and exit from Korea.
    • ※ The fellowship appointment may be cancelled if a junior fellow disregards his/her confirmed fellowship schedule by adjusting it arbitrarily without prior consultation with the ICKS.
    • ※ The term of appointment can be extended, upon application and review by the KIKS committee, once for up to 12 months without extension of grant.
  • Obligations
    • Presentation: one presentation of research findings at the KIKS every six months
    • Report on research results: one 10-page written report on the outcome of the fellowship research within a month from the conclusion of the fellowship
    • Acknowledgement of support: citing the affiliation with the KIKS when publishing any work done during the fellowship period, and providing the ICKS with a printed copy of such publication
    • Participation in events: active participation in academic events such as symposia, colloquia, book talks, and workshops hosted by the KIKS, and full cooperation in ICKS affairs (upon request and limited to 5% of the fellowship period)
    • Residency requirement: The total length of stay outside Korea during the fellowship period may not exceed 30 days. A pre-departure consultation with the ICKS about the destination, duration, and purpose of stay outside Korea is required.
    • ※ Submission of a research article to the Seoul Journal of Korean Studies (SCOPUS & ESCI-indexed), published by the KIKS, is strongly encouraged.
  • Application Procedure
    • How to apply:
      ① Submit an online application form through the ICKS website within the application period
      ② Have your letters of recommendation sent to the ICKS either by email or by post within the application period
    • Documents required for application:
      ① Curriculum vitae
      ② Outline of thesis proposal (approx. 5 A4 pages; research topic and methods must be specified)
      ③ Sample research (approx. 10 A4 pages)
      ④ Two letters of recommendation (one from the applicant’s current academic supervisor, the other from a Seoul National University faculty who will supervise the fellowship research)
    • ※ If using email, the recommenders must send the letters to the ICKS(icks@snu.ac.kr). If using postal mail, the recommenders must seal the envelops with their signatures and send the letters to the ICKS (#451 Bldg.103 Kyujanggak Institute for Korean Studies, Seoul National University, 1 Gwanak-ro, Gwanak-gu, Seoul 08826 Republic of Korea)
    • Application due date: November 30, 2022 09:00(Korean Time, GMT+9)
    • Announcement of result: by December 15, 2022 via email
  • ※ For further information please contact us at icks@snu.ac.kr  ( tel. +82-2-880-9378 )