Visiting Scholar

  • Eligibility
    • Any post-doctoral researcher affiliated with an overseas research institution who is working on topics related to Korean Studies (preferably using the Kyujanggak Archive materials)
    • ※ A minimum of six-month residence at Kyujanggak Institute for Korean Studies (KIKS) is required.
    • ※ Korean citizens with postgraduate degrees from an overseas university are encouraged to apply for funding opportunities from National Research Foundation (NRF) of Korea. Designating the KIKS as your institution of research affiliation for the NRF funding application requires a prior consultation with the KIKS. See the NRF funding offers below.
  • Benefits
    • Eligibility for on-campus housing
    • ※ All housing-related expenses are the applicant’s responsibility. The International Center for Korean Studies (ICKS) facilitates application for the BK Residence Halls at Seoul National University (SNU). Placement is not guaranteed.
    • ※ If you or your spouse own real estate in Seoul, you are not eligible to apply.
    • ※ Only your legal spouse and child(ren) are permitted to reside with you in the BK Residence Halls.
    • Access to libraries
    • Research space
    • Administrative support (※ Insurance is the applicant's responsibility.)
  • Position & Period of Appointment
    • Kyujanggak visiting scholars will be appointed as visiting researchers of SNU.
    • The term of appointment will be between 6 months and 1 year, and may begin from March 1, 2024 at the earliest.
    • ※ The fellowship period must begin on the first day of a month, in compliance with the appointment schedule of SNU.
    • ※ Upon being selected, visiting scholars must confirm their fellowship period to the ICKS and set their dates of entry to and exit from Korea.
    • ※ The fellowship appointment may be cancelled if a visiting scholar disregards his/her confirmed fellowship schedule by adjusting it arbitrarily without prior consultation with the ICKS.
    • ※ The term of appointment cannot be extended. Exceptions will be made for those supported by the NRF funding.
  • Obligations
    • Presentation: one presentation of research findings at the Kyujanggak colloquium during fellowship period
    • Report on research results: one 10-page written report on the outcome of the fellowship research within a month from the conclusion of the fellowship
    • Acknowledgement of support: citing the affiliation with the KIKS when publishing any work done during the fellowship period, and providing the ICKS with a printed copy of such publication
    • Participation in events: active participation in academic events such as symposia, colloquia, book talks, and workshops hosted by the KIKS, and full cooperation in ICKS affairs (upon request and limited to 5% of the fellowship period)
    • Residency requirement: The total length of stay outside Korea during the fellowship period may not exceed 30 days. A pre-departure consultation with the ICKS about the destination, duration, and purpose of stay outside Korea is required.
    • ※ Submission of a research article to the Seoul Journal of Korean Studies (SCOPUS & ESCI-indexed), published by the KIKS is strongly encouraged.
  • Application Procedure
    • How to apply:
      Submit an online application form through the ICKS website within the application period
    • Documents required for application:
      ① Curriculum vitae
      ② Research proposal (approx. 5 A4 pages; research topic and methods must be specified)
    • Application due date: December 2, 2023 24:00(Korean Time, GMT+9)
    • Announcement of result: by Mid December, 2023 via email
  • ※ For further information please contact us at  ( tel. +82-2-880-9378 )